Exfoliation is something that we could all benefit from. Without even being aware of it, we carry thousands of dead skin cells around every day. While there are quite a few ways to exfoliate, there are a few treatments that are better than others. Dermaplaning is going to be one of the more effective treatments that dermatologist use because of how thorough it is. While the name may sound a bit intimidating, the process itself is incredible.

What is dermaplaning?

This is a method of exfoliation that gently scrapes off the top layer of dead skin cells from your face. Using a scalpel, the dead skin cells are removed to provide a complexion that is brighter, healthier and, quite literally, glowing. This procedure is done so well because of how sharp the blade that is used in the procedure.

Aside from the top layer of dead skin cells, this procedure will also remove the peach fuzz that is guilty of clogging pores and making makeup an entirely different issue. At times this procedure is also used when individuals are planning on needing more invasive procedures done.

Who could benefit from dermaplaning?

Something great about dermaplaning is that all skin types could benefit from the procedure. There is no skin type that is going to be extremely sensitive. However, if you are experiencing a breakout, we do suggest waiting till it’s cleared up a bit. If you have acneic skin, talk with a dermatologist before scheduling the procedure

How long does a treatment last?

This treatment that provides incredible results that last for weeks is done in roughly 30 minutes. This procedure can usually be done once a month, more if needed.

If you are someone that has seen great benefits from exfoliation, this is a treatment that is definitely worth checking out. Consult your dermatologist beforehand to determine if this is a procedure that would be beneficial for you.