Colorado weather can be brutal on the skin, causing it to become dry, begin cracking, itching, and maybe even bleeding. Hydrated skin is hard to maintain as the weather starts to chill, but there are ways that you can protect your skin against the winter weather, helping to reduce the dry, chapped, cracked skin that you loathe so much.

Cold weather and low humidity levels cause the air to become dry, and this dry air sucks the moisture right out of your skin. Keeping your skin properly hydrated during the winter is difficult, which is why your skin becomes red and may start to itch, crack, and bleed. At Azeal Dermatology Institute, we understand the importance of proper skin care during the winter but if you need further care schedule an appointment with us.

In this blog, we are going to go over some of the best ways to keep your skin healthy and happy during the winter, even during the most bitterly cold days. Read on to learn more about the best winter skin care tips and tricks and keep your skin hydrated and soft all winter long!

Keep It Cool

This may be the last thing you want to hear, but taking hot showers in the dead of winter is the one thing you should not be doing. The hot water and steamy bathroom do not help add hydration to your skin, they can actually do more harm. A long hot shower will remove the natural oils for your skin, causing your skin to become more dry.

The best winter shower, at least for your skin, is a lukewarm shower that lasts about five to 10 minutes. While we all want to jump in a long hot shower after a day in the cold, we also need to take care of our skin, meaning the shorter and cooler the shower is, the better. After your shower, use a soft towel to pat yourself dry, without rubbing. Then it is time for the next step.

Use Moisturizer

Immediately after you exit the shower and pat dry, lotion up. You should apply your moisturizer to your body while you are still a little damp. This helps to seal the moisture from the shower into your skin, helping to keep your skin better hydrated. This includes applying lotion to your hands after every wash.

According to WebMD, your go-to moisturizer during summer and spring may not be adequate for the winter. Find a moisturizer that is oil-based. Oil-based products help to create a protective layer that keeps moistures in your skin. Water-based products will not due in winter.

In a Be Well article, they mention that some natural ingredients that can help hydrate the skin include lavender, chamomile, and jojoba. Finding a moisturizer with these ingredients can help keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Some other healthy ingredients include coconut oil, shea butter, tea tree oil, and more. You can find a full list and why they help your skin from this Dr. Axe article.

Invest In A Humidifier

Colorado is a dry state, even on the most humid days it is still drier than many other states. Your house may become dry as the winter goes on, but you can fix this by investing in a humidifier. Your heater dries out your home even more, which is why a humidifier helps. It can add more moisture into the air, allowing your skin to stay hydrated a little better.

You can place humidifiers in the different rooms of your home to help add more moisture into the air and keep your home from becoming too dry. Placing humidifiers in bedrooms can also help hydrate your skin while you are sleeping!

Use Different Cleansers

In an article from Huffington Post, it is mentioned that foaming facial cleansers can cause your skin to dry out even more. A creamy and gentle cleanser is better, helping to add more moisture to your skin. They also note that Ellen Marmur, a consulting dermatologist for Dove, said that people with oily skin should use oily cleansers because it makes the dirt slip off easily.

The Be Well article also mentions changing up your cleansers. They suggest swapping out your cleansers that contain glycolic or salicylic acid for something more hydrating. A cleansing balm is better for really dry skin, adding moisture and leaving skin feeling better.

Just remember that after you clean your face, be sure to apply moisturizer immediately. Even a few seconds without it can cause your skin to dry out quicker. So pat your face dry and slap some lotion on those rosy cheeks!

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water and eating foods that contain high levels of water, can help to keep you and your skin hydrated. While there is no scientific proof that skin becomes less hydrated when you consume more water, it is good for your overall health, so stay hydrated!

Eat Your Vitamins

How are vitamins and minerals supposed to help your skin? That is a great question. Vitamins can benefits you in many different ways.

Vitamin C is one you should not skip out on during the winter. This vitamin, and zinc, can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This can help maintain the health and appearance of your skin and other tissue.

Use Home Remedies

Making your own face masks with ingredients you probably have in your home is a great way to rejuvenate your winter skin and add some hydration. You can make face masks out of anything really, but you want to make sure you use ingredients that help hydrate your face rather than dry it out. Things like bananas, honey, almond powder, milk, yogurt, olive oil, avocados, and other easy to find ingredients can all be crafted into a face mask that heals winter skin. Find the different mask recipes and their benefits from Stylecraze!

Keeping your skin healthy, happy, and hydrated throughout the winter can be a challenge, but by following these tips and remembering to moisturize often, your skin can remain as smooth and glowing as it is in the summer! Love your skin, even in the winter, by taking extra good care of it, your skin will thank you.

These tips and tricks can help you maintain hydrated skin all winter long, but if you need additional help or an expert’s advice on your skin and how to better care for it, visit Azeal Dermatology Institute. We can help revamp your skin and make caring for it throughout the winter easier. Schedule your appointment today or contact us with any questions!