Skin is extremely unique, which means that the care that it needs is also incredibly unique. While you may have a general idea of what skin type you are and what types of products work best for you, the dermatology field is constantly growing and improving, providing people with more information and better techniques to help care for their skin. At Azeal Dermatology, we like to stay one step ahead of the game, which is why we offer high quality treatments, state-of-the-art equipment, up and coming techniques and a team of dermatologists with extraordinary knowledge and experience.

What is a skin consultation?

If you’re hoping to learn more about your skin type or even gain a general understanding of your skin type and the care that it requires, a consultation is a great tool to take advantage of. While it’s pretty easy to go ahead and Google the different skin types, understanding how to properly care for your skin in particular and any unique areas of dryness or other circumstances that you may experience with your skin, is a bit more specialized. When you schedule a consultation we will go into depth about what does and doesn’t work with your skin.

Do different skin types require different care?

A common misconception is that the face wash that you buy off the shelves in your local store will suit skin types across the board. But if you’ve ever turned to one of these brands, maybe even multiple brands, then you know that not every product works for your face. You may expect a clean and clear complexion, and wind up breaking out worse than before. Understanding what ingredients to look for when shopping for products and what types of products to stay away from entirely is extremely helpful in obtaining the clear skin that you seek.

If you’re ready to gain a better understanding of your skin and how to care for it, schedule a consultation for your skin care regimen with one of our trusted dermatologists. We are extremely excited to provide you with the knowledge and tools that you need to feel confident in your skin.