It is hard knowing what is going to affect your skin in the future. We all know sunscreen is a good anti wrinkle for your future self. But what other routines and products do you apply to your face daily that may someday make your face not so picture perfect?.

It is important to know what you are applying, and maybe not removing, to know how your face will be affected. Are you one of those people who wear makeup daily, contouring your face to be insta-perfect, selfie ready? Do you spend hours applying highlighter and blush, crafting the perfect eye-liner swoosh and creating extra long eyelashes with that new mascara? If you are, the more important question is: are you washing all that off at the end of the day?

We are all guilty of having a longer night than planned, getting home late or relaxing on the couch too long, and then we go to bed. Skipping a routine we all must adopt: washing our makeup off before bed.

You may not notice any major difference in your skin or appearance the next day, but in the long run you will notice. Sleeping in your makeup is a simple way to ruin your beautiful skin. Neglecting to wash your makeup off before bed can affect everything from your eyes to your lips.



Your eyes are important and they should be taken good care of. Washing your makeup off before sleeping could help your avoid redness, irritation, and infections in your eyes.

But your eyelashes are also at risk. Without washing mascara and eyeliner off, you could be allowing for the hair follicles to become clogged, which could result in styes, which are red bumps on your eyelids. Your eyelashes could also become brittle, break easier, and shed faster. Who knew the thing that makes your eyelashes long and beautiful could also destroy them?


A lot can happen to your skin when you don’t wash your makeup off. And considering that your skin repairs itself at night, if makeup is blocking your pores, the effects of sleeping in your makeup could be irreversible. That means no amount of skin treatment, anti aging skin care, or dermatologist visits will undo what happened when you forgot to wash your makeup off day after day.

Skin becomes wrinkled more, appearing to age faster because the collagen breaks down in your face. You can also get breakouts. The makeup clogging your pores will allow for the acne causing bacteria to build in your pores, resulting in breakouts.

Your complexion is also at risk. By leaving makeup on overnight you can cause your complexion to dull, become blotchy and red, and even dry out your skin.


Luckily, your lips don’t have as dramatic of damages caused by left on lipstick. They can, however, become dry and cracked. Which is something we have all experienced sometime or another. But you better swap out that lipstick for some moisturizing chapstick.

There is literally no positive side to sleeping in your makeup., you don’t even wake up looking good, since the makeup is usually smeared and dripping all over your face. The importance of washing off your makeup every night is so obvious, we all should make a pact to add this simple, under five minute step to our routine.

Remembering to do this every night could save your face from aging, keep your complexion beautiful, and make you feel better in the morning, starting with a blank canvas. If you do find yourself struggling with excess acne, or just want some extra skin care to keep your skin youthful, call Azeal Dermatology Institute to schedule an appointment.