1. Do Night Creams Actually Work?

    Women are all about their skin care products, they want the anti-aging cream, the tone-evening cream, and every other skin product that promises a more youthful look. But today, we are looking at one type of product in particular—night creams. Night creams are meant to help reduce signs of aging, rehydrate your face, and give you the beauty sleep you have always wanted. But do they actually work…Read More

  2. How Men’s Skin Changes Overtime

    Skin changes with age, we all know that. But how often does skin change, and the causes for these changes is something we may not know. In a previous blog, we discusses women's skin and how it changes overtime due to hormones, pregnancies, and menopause. Women’s skin goes through a lot and changes a lot as a results, but what about men’s skin? How does men’s skin change over the years and wh…Read More

  3. Things You Need to Know About Makeup

    Makeup is a beautiful thing. It can be used to create a look that you love, that you feel comfortable in. It can be used to highlight different features, make your eyes pop, add life to dull skin, and so much more. We love makeup, from mascara and eyeliner to highlight and blush. Learning different makeup techniques can be exciting and finally mastering the perfect eyeliner wing can make your enti…Read More

  4. How Women’s Skin Changes Overtime

    The skin is a sensitive organ and can be affected by so many different things—the cleanliness of your pillow case, the amount of water you drink, how much sugar you eat, and even hormones can change your skin. With so many factors that can harm or affect our skin, it is hard to determine what is causing breakouts and other skin issues. Hormones is a huge one. Starting during puberty, hormones ar…Read More

  5. Great Ways to Create a Bold Look

    Bold is beautiful, and for some, finding a bold new look regularly is an exciting way to keep up on beauty trends and try new styles. Finding a bold new look can be challenging, but there are so many different ways to transform your personal style into something that stands out in a crowd. From outfit choices to makeup colors, there are endless possibilities when trying to update your look—wheth…Read More

  6. The Best Wrinkle Preventions

    As we age, we all will develop wrinkles. That is the sad truth. And while some people embrace their beautiful laugh lines and crow's feet, others want to hold onto their youth for as long as possible. Fine lines and wrinkles are not completely avoidable, but there are products you can use, things you can do, and treatments you can try that can help your skin retain its youth. Your skin loses colla…Read More

  7. Acne Breakouts and What Causes Them

    Looking good helps you feel good, and when your skin is smooth and healthy you are probably more confident and feel better in your own skin. This is why acne breakouts can really put a damper on your day. One little zit can be easy to ignore, but when you have a full blown breakout, it can be harder to look past those pesky blemishes. Your breakouts may be pretty common or they may happen once eve…Read More

  8. Foods That Help Skin Health

    We love food. That is something that is always safe to assume. People love eating, trying new recipes, and heading to new and trendy restaurants. But all of those smothered burritos, fried chicken sandwiches, and deep dish pizzas will have an effect on your body. Sure, these food choices are not healthy and can lead to weight problems or make you feel sick if consumed too often, but they can also …Read More

  9. All About DIY Face Masks

    Every so often, you may feel the need to pamper yourself. Take a hot bubble bath, light some candles, give yourself a mani-pedi, and test out one of those DIY face masks. We have all seen different face mask recipes made with honey, avocado, banana, egg whites, and other items that you probably always have in your home. While it is hard to believe that these face masks can actually have an effect …Read More

  10. How To Care For Your Skin

    It seems like a new skin care product line hits the shelves every other day. The skin care aisle at your local grocery store is becoming more and more overwhelming each time you go, but you never know which skin care products to get. Which ones actually work? Which are best for your skin? How are you supposed to know the difference between the many products available in one brand? Skin care is a t…Read More