1. A Look at Activated Charcoal

    There are always new trends coming out — a new and improved diet, workouts that are easy but show the best results, how to make your skin flawless, and so many more. These trends are never-ending and most of us seem a little skeptical when we decide to try them. One new beauty trend that you may be hearing a lot about but aren’t sure how beneficial it actually is, is the activated charcoal fad…Read More

  2. Comparing Different Hair Removal Methods

    Unwanted body hair can get old to try and get rid of regularly. While we all learn how to shave at an early age, but the time we hit our mid-twenties, we are sick of dealing with the daily or weekly (depending on who you are) task of shaving our legs, under our arms, and any other area we don’t want hair. While most women opt not to shave their peach fuzz that may grow on their faces, it means t…Read More

  3. About Chemical Peels

    There are many ways you try to improve your skin. You may try different treatments, products, and dermatology services to get your skin glowing and healthy. Through this process, you may have learned that some methods work better than others and that your skin reacts differently to products targeting certain issues. One skin care treatment you may not have tried or even heard of before is a chemic…Read More

  4. Creating a Skin Care Routine For Healthy Skin

    We all want flawless skin. And while some of you may think that your skin will never be perfect thanks to your genes, your skin health depends a lot on your habits and lifestyle. Taking care of your skin can help you to improve the look, feel, and overall health. But knowing how to take care of your skin can be difficult. What products are you supposed to use? What routine should you stick to? How…Read More

  5. Why Sunscreen is Important

    Lately, in Northern Colorado, we have seen a lot of beautiful, sunny, and warm weekends! We are as excited as you are to finally get outside again without needing a jacket, but there is one thing you should never go outside without: sunscreen. While many of us are trying to add some color to our skin, sunscreen is a necessity throughout the entire year, but especially during the summer, when you h…Read More

  6. How Exercise Can Improve Your Skin

    Exercise is the key to living a fit and healthy life. It can help keep you at your desired weight, enhance your heart and lung health, improve your mood and focus, build muscle, the list goes on and on. But one thing you may not have imagined being on the long list of benefits that exercise provides is improved skin health. Exercise can offer many skin benefits, from giving it a healthy glow to ke…Read More

  7. How to Improve the Appearance of Your Skin

    Having healthy, happy, and beautiful skin can make anyone feel more confident. When your skin looks good, you feel good. But sometimes our skin doesn’t look as good as we want it to. It is easy to fall into bad habits that make our skin look worse, but it is also easy to make changes to leave our skin clean and healthy. Having skin that looks flawless is something many people work hard for, but …Read More

  8. Reasons to See a Dermatologist

    While many people think visiting a dermatologist is only necessary when the mole on their arm begins to change, there are many reasons why dermatologists can be helpful and may be necessary. Since dermatology is a branch of medicine that deals with diseases involving the skin, hair, and nails, there are many more reasons to visit a dermatologist than just when skin cancer is a concern. While some …Read More

  9. How Men Can Benefit From Dermatology Services

    Women have always taken care of their skin by using the right skincare products, keeping it moisturized, and constantly seeking treatments to keep their skin looking younger and healthier. It has always been “normal” for women to get Botox and other cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology procedures, but men have been a different story. In recent years, men have started caring for their skin more a…Read More

  10. Things to Know About Your Skin

    You see your skin every day. You care for your skin every day. Your skin is amazing. It heals itself. And can change color in the sun. Okay, that might be a stretch. But how much do you truly know about your skin? Do you know that it is your body’s largest organ? Understanding your skin is important to being able to take care of it. And since everyone's skin is different, it is even more difficu…Read More