1. Ingredients to Looks For in Your Skin Care Products

    When you shop for skin care products, do you shop based on the brand, the skin benefits it claims to offer, the color of the bottle, or maybe it was recommended to you? There are many reasons why we choose the skin care products that we choose. Perhaps you have tried numerous cleansers, lotions, masks, and scrubs until you found the one that left your skin feeling and looking better. Or maybe you …Read More

  2. Myths About Sunscreen and Burns

    It has been hot in Colorado lately, which has got us thinking about sunburns. While it may be fun spending your evenings by Boulder Reservoir, soaking up the rays, cooling off in the water, and enjoying a beautiful day, that fun can end quickly when that nice tan you are working on turns into a brutal burn. Sunburns are never fun and they can be difficult to heal. You likely have heard different m…Read More

  3. How Sleep Affects Your Skin

    We love sleep! Who doesn’t? But sleep becomes harder and harder to get as we grow older. Whether we have sleeping problems, are too busy to get a full eight hours, or are too stressed out to get the rest we need, sleeping is getting more difficult. Sleep is important, and not just so that you can make it through the day without feeling cloudy and nodding off at your desk. Sleep has a huge effect…Read More

  4. What to Know About Topical Chemotherapy

    One of the scariest things you can learn when visiting the dermatologist is that you have skin cancer. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other cancers combined. There are two types of skin cancer — non-melanoma and melanoma. Non-melanoma skin cancer includes basal and squamous cell skin cancers. Today we are going t…Read More

  5. A Look at Activated Charcoal

    There are always new trends coming out — a new and improved diet, workouts that are easy but show the best results, how to make your skin flawless, and so many more. These trends are never-ending and most of us seem a little skeptical when we decide to try them. One new beauty trend that you may be hearing a lot about but aren’t sure how beneficial it actually is, is the activated charcoal fad…Read More

  6. Comparing Different Hair Removal Methods

    Unwanted body hair can get old to try and get rid of regularly. While we all learn how to shave at an early age, but the time we hit our mid-twenties, we are sick of dealing with the daily or weekly (depending on who you are) task of shaving our legs, under our arms, and any other area we don’t want hair. While most women opt not to shave their peach fuzz that may grow on their faces, it means t…Read More

  7. About Chemical Peels

    There are many ways you try to improve your skin. You may try different treatments, products, and dermatology services to get your skin glowing and healthy. Through this process, you may have learned that some methods work better than others and that your skin reacts differently to products targeting certain issues. One skin care treatment you may not have tried or even heard of before is a chemic…Read More

  8. Creating a Skin Care Routine For Healthy Skin

    We all want flawless skin. And while some of you may think that your skin will never be perfect thanks to your genes, your skin health depends a lot on your habits and lifestyle. Taking care of your skin can help you to improve the look, feel, and overall health. But knowing how to take care of your skin can be difficult. What products are you supposed to use? What routine should you stick to? How…Read More

  9. Why Sunscreen is Important

    Lately, in Northern Colorado, we have seen a lot of beautiful, sunny, and warm weekends! We are as excited as you are to finally get outside again without needing a jacket, but there is one thing you should never go outside without: sunscreen. While many of us are trying to add some color to our skin, sunscreen is a necessity throughout the entire year, but especially during the summer, when you h…Read More

  10. How Exercise Can Improve Your Skin

    Exercise is the key to living a fit and healthy life. It can help keep you at your desired weight, enhance your heart and lung health, improve your mood and focus, build muscle, the list goes on and on. But one thing you may not have imagined being on the long list of benefits that exercise provides is improved skin health. Exercise can offer many skin benefits, from giving it a healthy glow to ke…Read More